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Preserving Our Parish History

Welcome to the Chudleigh History Group (CHG) website.

Here you will find information on CHG and an overview of Chudleigh's history (under 'About'); upcoming and past news items ('News'); scheduled talks, walks and visits ('Events'); research articles on town and parish history ('Articles'); publications by CHG or CHG members ('Publications'); a selection of old photographs and illustrations of local places ('Gallery') and links to a number of relevant external resources ('Links'). If you'd like to contact us to comment on this website or to request potential information we might hold on a topic of your own research, please use the 'Contact' page.


As members know, Alan Brunton will be standing down as our Chairman and Programme Secretary at the next AGM. As a result, we need, as a matter of priority, to arrange a programme for next year. We are looking for: (a) suggestions for topics and/or speakers and (b) an ad-hoc small group (2–3) of volunteers to organise the programme for 2019. Please note that this does not commit anyone to taking on any committe tasks in the future. If you can help us with this, please send a message via the Contacts page or email us directly. A no-programme CHG will be like a no-deal Brexit; not good for our future.

The History Group Logo

The History Group logo is in the form of a shield quartered and is a representation of four coats of arms belonging to families once influential in the parish, these being:

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