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Welcome to the Chudleigh History Group (CHG) website.

Here you will find information on CHG and an overview of Chudleigh's history (under 'About'); upcoming and past news items ('News'); scheduled talks, walks and visits ('Events'); research articles on town and parish history ('Articles'); publications by CHG or CHG members ('Publications'); a selection of old photographs and illustrations of local places ('Gallery') and links to a number of relevant external resources ('Links'). If you'd like to contact us to comment on this website or to request potential information we might hold on a topic of your own research, please use the 'Contact' page.

Latest updates

+ [11/08/17] Added MDA article (Earl of Harcombe) to News
+ [11/08/17] Added 2014 article on the WW1 Commemmorations book
(News > News from previous years > 2014)
+ [4/08/17] Added MDA article (Castle Dyke) to News
+ [22/07/17] Updated info on Newinnton Lodge
(Articles > Notable Houses > Newinnton Lodge – with link to new full report (PDF) therein)
+ [22/07/17] Added info on Cholwich family
(Articles > Notable People > Cholwich family – with link to new full report (PDF) therein)
+ [22/07/17] Updated info on Culver House
(Articles > Notable Houses > Culver House – with link to new full report (PDF) therein)
+ [15/07/17] Added 3 MDA articles to News

The History Group Logo

The History Group logo is in the form of a shield quartered and is a representation of four coats of arms belonging to families once influential in the parish, these being:

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