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Events – 2015

All talks commence at 7.30 pm unless otherwise indicated. For 2015 all talks are held within the Woodway Room of the Town Hall

January 2015 – No Meeting

6th February 2015
7.00 pm Annual General Meeting
7.30 pm Bones Under the Floor – An archeological study of Trusham Church
Illustrated presentation by Martin Fletcher

6th March 2015
The Towns and Villages of North Dartmoor
Illustrated presentation by Paul Rendell

3rd April 2015 – Easter Friday – No meeting

1st May 2015
Maritime Short Cuts; attempts to short cut dangerous seas by canals
Illustrated presentation by Colin Vosper

5th June 2015
The Boys
On 21 March 1941 a RAF bomber crashes on Dartmoor
Illustrated presentation by John Lowe.

3rd July 2015
Horse Drawn Power in the West Country
Illustrated presentation by Gerald and Irene Williamson

7th August 2015
The History of the Ten Tors Event
Illustrated presentation by Simon Dell

4th September 2015
The Work of the Labrador Rescue Trust
Illustrated presentation by John Allan

7th October 2015
Chudleigh in the Latter Half of the 19th Century
Gleanings from the Chudleigh South Devon Weekly Express newspaper
A talk by Alan Brunton

6th November 2015
Exeter Women and the Great War
Illustrated presentation by Dr Todd Gray

2nd December 2015
End of Year Party


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