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Events – 2017

All talks commence at 7.30 pm unless otherwise indicated. For 2017 all talks are held within the Woodway Room of the Town Hall

January 2017 – No Meeting

3rd February 2017
7.00 pm Annual General Meeting
7.30 pm A South American Adventure
Illustrated presentation by Martin & Sheila Fletcher

3rd March 2017
100 Miles Across Dartmoor With Packhorses
Illustrated presentation by Paul Rendell

7th April 2017
Kent's Cavern and the Riviera Geopark
Illustrated presentation by Nick Powe

5th May 2017
Trekking the Great Wall of China and exploring Xi'an and the Terracotta Warriors
Illustrated presentation by Norman Maudsley

2nd June 2017
Anecdotes from Chudleigh's Past
With Alan Brunton, whilst enjoying some refreshments in an informal setting

7th July 2017
Anglo Saxons – Part 1, Roman Britain and the coming of the Angles, Saxons, Jutes & Frisians
Illustrated presentation by Eric Watson

4th August 2017
The Conchies – conscientious objectors at Dartmoor Prison during World War One
Illustrated presentation by Simon Dell

1st September 2017
The Royal Borough of Dartmouth
Illustrated presentation by John Risdon

6th October 2017
The Devon Marble Industry
Illustrated presentation by Colin Vosper

3rd November 2017
The Templer Way
Illustrated presentation by Alan Brunton and Dave Offiler of members walking the route over Easter 2016

1st December 2017
End of Year Social event
Buffet and Dessert – Picture and General Knowledge Quiz – Prize Draw
Tickets now available – members £7, non-members £9


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