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The Lay Subsidy of 1524

The following list of Chudleigh inhabitants is taken from the transcribed list published as 'Devon Subsidy Rolls 1524-27'.

The Subsidy Rolls are another form of Poll Tax, in those days a tax paid by all non-churchmen on movable property to help fund the army in times of war. In the year 1524 land was taxed at an annual value of 24 percent and goods at 28 percent in the pound.

The surname spellings are listed exactly as originally transcribed and for ease of searching have been now been placed in alphabetical order in this list. It will be noted that some names are listed more than once, this is not an error and is the case of more than one individual sharing the same name.

Arthur, John
Austan, Robert
Baker, John
Ball, Christopher
Ball, Nicholas sen
Balle, John
Balle, John
Balle, John
Balle, Nicholas
Bawdon, William
Bere, John
Bobeche, Henry
Bobeche, John
Bobeche, Michael
Bobeche, Thomas
Bobeche, William
Boryngton, Edmond
Borynton, Henry
Borynton, Jn
Bremell, William
Burnell, William
Caslegh, William
Comyng, Nicholas
Dabyn, John
Downyng, John
Downyng, Philip
Edward, John
Estyn, Robert
Freer, Nicholas
Frensche, John
Hamlyn, Henry
Harmon, Richard
Hart, John
Helyer, William
Hore, James
Hunt, Nicholas
Kenycke, Nicholas
Komyng, John
Lucy, William
Miller, Nicholas
Par, John jun
Perre, John sen
Poke, Richard
Polman, Thomas
Pomary, Elizabeth wid
Pruston, Nicholas
Renell, William
Reve, Christopher
Reve, John
Reve, John
Reve, Roger
Reve, Stephen
Ryder, John
Smeth, John
Stancombe, Thomas
Swetlond, John
Tawe, Thomas
Toker, William
Tryggs, John
Whyteway, Nich
Wolcombe, Benett
Wolcombe, John
Woldon, John
Wreyford, Stephen
Wychalse, Nich

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