Events – 2024

All talks are held within the Woodway Room of the Town Hall and commence at 7.30pm on a Friday unless otherwise indicated. Admission to the talks will be £1.00 for members and £4.00 for non-members. Complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided after the talk.

January 2024 – No Meeting

2nd February 2024
The March of William of Orange through Devon in November 1688
A presentation by Philip Badcott. The march of William’s army from Brixham came through Chudleigh on its way to Exeter, probably much to the horror of local people.

1st March 2024
7.00 pm Annual General Meeting
7.30 pm Recent Archaeological Discoveries in the Exeter area
A presentation by Derek Gore. Recent archaeological excavations have resulted in a number of interesting new finds that have the potential to change our understanding of the Exeter area’s past.

8th April 2024 (NB this is a Monday)
The Train Now Arriving
A presentation by Exeter Redcoat John Davidson that looks at the effect that the arrival of the railway had on Exeter and its inhabitants in the mid-19th century.

3rd May 2024
The Limits of Empire
A presentation by historian and novelist Justin Newland looking at the era of Elizabeth I and the expansion of trade and communication into the New World in which various famous Southwest mariners such as Francis Drake with his circumnavigation of the globe from 1577 to 1580 played a significant role.

9th June 2024 (NB this is a Sunday)
A Historical Tour of the centre of Totnes
Totnes has many interesting old buildings, some dating back to the 16th century including an Elizabethan covered walkway and merchants’ houses, and a Norman castle. Details will be advised soon.

July 2024 – No Meeting

4th August 2024 (NB this is a Sunday)
An Exeter Redcoat Tour of Exeter’s City Walls
Exeter’s city walls date from the the Roman occupation and about 70% of the walls still exist. The walls failed to keep the Vikings out in 1003 but were more successful in keeping out the army of the Prayer Book Rebellion in 1549! Details will be advised soon.

September 2024 – No Meeting

4th October 2024
Exeter’s Lost Buildings 1800 to 1899
A presentation by Devon Historian Todd Gray based on his latest book about Exeter. There is a lot of new information about many lost buildings along with photographs, drawings and plans. Copies of the new book along with other Todd Gray books will be for sale on the evening.

1st November 2024
1918: The Last 100 Days
A presentation by Robert Hesketh about how Devon newspapers, mainly the “Western Times” and “Devon and Exeter Daily Gazette” newspapers reported the massive Allied attack of 8th August 1918 and how through the use of new tactics this led to a series of victories over 100 days that forced Germany to accept the Armistice of 11th November 1918. Reports and editorials reveal the dramatic unfolding of events.

December 2024 – No Meeting


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